Wonder Woman Movie Review

Rating: 8/10

Recently, I watched Wonder Woman in the theaters. While knowing that the lady playing the role of Wonder Woman was very controversial, due to her support in some Israeli military tactics against the Palestinians, I decided to keep an open mind throughout my viewing of Wonder Woman.

Overall, the movie was good and I enjoyed it. It was a very motivational movie, which showcased the strength and power that a woman has inside of her, as well as a man. It showed that each person can make a contribution and change the course of history, no matter their background, wealth, or “superpowers”. Some scenes in the movie I did find to be quite dull and there was not a lot of character development throughout the movie. In a way it was your typical hero’s journey, with more downs than ups. Personally, the movie was quite predictable, I was able to identify the villain right off the bat and predict the ending, which is quite unusual for me. It is worth the watch, I watched the movie in 3-D but personally, I would have enjoyed it either way!

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